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The Energetic Geology of Crystals

Instructor: Lady Raven, The Wyld Witch
12 months
Class Level: 1
Pre-requisites: None
Offered: Once a year

This course will take you for a deep dive into how energy is deposited into crystals and how to extract it and use it to improve your life!  Understanding the power of crystals requires you to understand the basic science of how they are made and how to work with their spirit.  This class will cover all aspects of crystal formations, and how that translates into energies, we can use.  It will also teach you to enter into a relationship with crystals to ensure the best possible outcome in all of your work.  Plus, we will also discuss how human interference by crystal treatments affects the energy of each crystal. So, if you are a crystal addict – this class is perfect for you!

This course takes place via Zoom live sessions.  Each session is recorded so you and re-watch them as many times as needed.  Each lesson will also have activities for you to complete to put the skills you learned to work! We highly recommend signing up for the Wyld Witch program to make this a fully immersive experience.

Class Curriculum:

  • Intro: First Things First! Class Overview
  • Lesson 1: The Basics – Understanding Fundamentals of Earth science
  • Lesson 2: Sacred Geometry
  • Lesson 3: Mineral Properties
  • Lesson 4: Igneous Rocks
  • Lesson 5: Sedimentary Rocks
  • Lesson 6: Metamorphic Rocks
  • Lesson 7: The Story of Rocks
  • Lesson 8: The things we do: Irradiating, Bleaching & Heat Treatments
  • Lesson 9: The things we do: Dying, Bonding & Man-Made Minerals
  • Lesson 10: Animism & Relationship
  • Lesson 11:  Student Presentations and Testing

This is an in-depth class.   This class requires that you understand the four elements and what their energies correspond to.  This will not be covered in this course.  You can either research on your own or complete our “Connecting with Correspondences”  class. This class takes place over 12 months, and students will have access to it for 18 months to wrap up their studies.

Tuition Options

There are three tuition options:

  1. Full Payment Discounted Tuition: 1 Payment of $550 (Eligible for the WW Discount)
  2. Regular Tuition: 2 Monthly Payments of $300 (Eligible for WW discount, requires auto-pay)
  3. Payment Plan: 6 Monthly Payments of $100 (requires auto-pay)

To receive your WW discount, you will need to receive an invoice (please message Lady Raven on the Wyld Community).  You can sign up for this class under the Current Term Offerings!