Wyld Practitioner Track

Shamanic Witchcraft Year One – Ancestral Practice

Instructor: Lady Raven, The Wyld Witch
 12 months
Class Level: 2
Pre-requisites: Fundamentals of Shamanic Witchcraft
Offered: Once a Year

In this course, we will explore our relationship with our Ancestors.  This relationship is the foundation of our spiritual practice and should always be our first stop when looking for spiritual helpers. We are part of many lineages in our lives today, such as our biological family lineage, soul lineage, spiritual lineage, and even have lineages at work.  What is the difference between these lineages, and how do we know if they are well?  We will explore the difference between healthy ancestors and those who are not well and how we can contribute to them becoming healthy over time.  What is Ancestral trauma, and how do we clear it? How do we build an ancestor altar and begin our ancestral practice?

We will move step by step to help you build your practice and understand every aspect of ancestral veneration.  This course takes place via Zoom live sessions.  Each session is recorded to re-watch them as many times as needed.  Each lesson will also have activities to complete to work with the skills you learned. We highly recommend signing up for the Wyld Witch program to make this a fully immersive experience.

Course Outline

  • Lesson 1: Who are the Ancestors?
  • Lesson 2: Creating your Ancestor Altar and Practice
  • Lesson 3: Ghosts vs. Ancestors
  • Lesson 4: Working with Ancestral Guides
  • Lesson 5: Your Biological Lineages
  • Lesson 6: Unwell Ancestors
  • Lesson 7: Ancestral Healing
  • Lesson 8: Ancestral Ceremonies
  • Lesson 9: Land Ancestors
  • Lesson 10: Exploring Non-biological Lineages
  • Lesson 11:  Rites of Passage (Funeral Rites)
  • Lesson 12: Your Ancestral Team

This class will meet monthly for lessons, and each student can also schedule a monthly one-on-one session with Lady Raven to discuss questions and personal growth. We highly encourage student participation in this class – the more you participate, the more you will get out of it.  All lessons will be recorded and posted in the classroom for those who cannot attend in person.

Required class books

Ancestral Medicine – By Daniel Foor

Recommended Reference Books

Honoring your Ancestors: A guide to Ancestral Veneration – by Mallorie Vaudoise

Communing with the Ancestors: Your Spirit Guides, Bloodline Allies, and the Cycle of Reincarnation – By Raven Grimassi

The Cauldron of Memory: Retrieving Ancestral Knowledge and Wisdom – by Raven Grimassi

You can purchase these books separately. Some may be available online via PDF.

You will also need Ancestor Altar for this class!

Tuition Options

There are three tuition options:

  1. Full Payment Discounted Tuition: 1 Payment of $600 (Eligible for the WW Discount)
  2. Regular Tuition: 2 Monthly Payments of $350 (Eligible for WW discount, requires auto-pay)
  3. Payment Plan: 6 Monthly Payments of $130 (requires auto-pay)

You will need an invoice to receive your WW discount (please message Lady Raven on the Wyld Community).  You can sign up for this class under the Current Term Offerings!