For Teachers

Our goal is to guide our students into building their own personal practice. This means each student will need different resources and tools. The more varied options and viewpoints we make available to them through our classroom offerings, the more we can stay true to our mission!

Interested in Joining our Instructor Team?

If you are interested in joining our instructor team, here is a glimpse of what we look for in a teacher:

  • Extensive knowledge and practice in their chosen field (generally 10+ years)
  • Able to think outside the box and understand the uniqueness of each student’s practice and development
  • Familiarity with online teaching environment and tools
  • Detailed course outline for proposed courses
  • Previous teaching experience either in person or online

Next Steps

  • You can email our school administrator here with the following information: Your resume or qualifications list, a detailed description of what you plan to teach, and a course outline, including classroom sessions and proposed activities. Please note all classes are taught online, so make sure your teaching plan accommodates that.

  • Be sure that you are not teaching the same class in another school or platform. We require all of our courses to be unique to our Academy. We want our students to have unique experiences in every class they attend.

  • Our teacher compensation takes place based on enrollments. Therefore, once you submit your request, we will forward you our information packet!