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Introduction to Spiritual Herbalism

Instructor: Lady Raven, The Wyld Witch
6 months
Class Level: 2
Pre-requisites: Connecting with Correspondences

This class will take you through the basics of starting a spiritual herbalism practice and how to build a relationship with plants. This class will take place over six sessions, once a month.

This course takes place via Zoom live sessions.  Each session is recorded so you and re-watch them as many times as needed.  Each lesson will also have activities for you to complete to put the skills you learned to work!

Recommended Materials for this class:

You will need the following tools for this class:

  1. A Mortar and Pestle or a coffee grinder
  2. Ziploc bags and assorted glass bottles or jars (Mason jars work wonderfully!)
  3. Cheesecloth
  4. Various Herbs – you will discover them later on.  I recommend purchasing them as you need them.
  5. Assorted EO’s
  6. Choose an oil base for your blended oils.  It can be one of the following: Fractured Coconut oil, Jojoba Oil, or Canola Oil.
  7. Food grade alcohol (at least 80 proof – Vodka or White Rum is my preference) or Vegetable Glycerin
  8. A notebook to act as your Herbal Journal can be as simple or elaborate as you would like.
  9. Shears or scissors for clipping herbs
  10. Kitchen Twine
  11. Slow cooker – if you don’t have one, get the cheapest you can get – it just needs to cook. It doesn’t need extra features
  12. Book (Required): Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs by Scott Cunningham 
  13. Book (Required): Rosemary Gladstar’s Medicinal Herbs, A Beginner’s Guide, By Rosemary Gladstar 
  14. Other OPTIONAL Books:
    1. The Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine by Andrew Chevallier
    2. The Herb Book by John Lust
    3. Herbal Remedies for Dummies by Christopher Hobbs
    4. The Master Book of Herbalism by Paul Beyerl
    5. The Herb Book by Jennie Harding 

Keep in mind that We will not need many of these until later on in the class.  But it is helpful to know ahead of time what you will need.

Class Curriculum

Lesson 1 – Connecting and Understanding

What is Spiritual Herbalism?
Herbalist Tools
Organic, Wildcrafted – what does it all mean?
Connecting to Plants
Plant Spirit vs. Physical Plant
Begin a relationship with a local plant

Lesson 2 – Doctrine of Signatures

Doctrine of Signatures
Rulers: Elemental and Planetary
Your Plant Spirit Helper

Lesson 3 – Ingredients and Harvesting

Herbal Blends Ingredients – oils, salts, etc
Starting your Herbal Grimoire
Harvesting from your garden
Drying Fresh Herbs
Your Plant Spirit Helper

Lesson 4 – Creating Basic Blends

Balancing Energies and creating Proportions
Creating basic Recipes
Blending Incenses
Blending Herbal Baths
Blending Spell Mixes
Your Plant Spirit Helper

Lesson 5 Topics – Working with Oils

Oil Blends
EO’s vs. Fragrance Oils
Combining Oils and Herbs
Your Plant Spirit Helper

Lesson 6 Topics – Blends and Ceremony

Creating Other Blends
Interactions and Allergies
Using Blends in Ceremony
Your Plant Spirit Helper
Review and Final Q&A

All students can book up to six 30-minute one-on-one sessions with Lady Raven for questions during this course (one per month) until the end of the course!

Students will receive 12 months of access to online class materials and the course.

Tuition Options

There are three tuition options:

  1. Full Payment Discounted Tuition: 1 Payment of $400 (Eligible for the WW Discount)
  2. Regular Tuition: 2 Monthly Payments of $225 (Eligible for WW discount, requires auto-pay)
  3. Payment Plan: 5 Monthly Payments of $100 (requires auto-pay)

To receive your WW discount, you will need an invoice (please message Lady Raven on the Wyld Community).  You can sign up for this class under the Current Term Offerings!