Tuition Assistance Options

Get 50% off Tuition

We believe in lifelong learning and growth.  Anyone and everyone who genuinely wants to learn should be able to regardless of financial situation.  The best way to get a big discount and further your spiritual grown is to join our Wyld Witch program! In this program, you automatically get 50% off any class registration!


You can finance any class in our program via Paypal CreditYou can either choose PayPal at checkout or request a PayPal invoice – whatever works best for you! We also offer other payment plants in 3-6 payments depending on the course.  Please note that extended payment plans over 3 Payments do not receive the Wyld Witch Program discounts.

Sliding Scale

We also offer sliding scale payments and even bartering services for some classes.  If you wish to learn more, contact us for details and explain your situation, and we will help!

In all learning, there should be an energy exchange always, but it does not need to be completely monetary.