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Become a Wyld Witch!

Are you ready to discover the Wyld Witch within? Then, join us for community and an unforgettable journey to discover your true Spirit! Find your Wyld Side!

Included Memberships: A Year and a Day & Wyld Witch’s Roundtable

$28/month Value

Our Year and a Day group meet twice monthly to discuss the month’s energies and conduct ceremony to deepen your practice. Also included is a monthly energy guide that provides references on themes, deities, correspondences, and more! Also included is access to our grimoire of rituals and ceremonies you can do on your own. You will also receive access to 3 video lessons: how to work with the sun cycle, how to work with the moon cycle, and how to create a ceremony. In our Monthly monthly witches roundtable, we share life events, build community and receive support. Each month there will also be an activity – generally a meditation, pathworking, or ceremony.

Included: Basics of Meditation Class

$50 Value

This class gets you started in your meditation practice. Then, begin at your own pace! This includes lifetime access to 3 video lessons and several meditations you can repeatedly use as a guidepost in your practice!

Bonus: Discounts on Classes and Guidance

$15-$750 Value

When you begin your journey to become a Wyld Witch, you will receive an AMAZING 50% off ANY class you take in the Academy taught by Lady Raven (yes, even the big ones!). In addition, you will also receive 30% off any one on one session or service with Lady Raven, The Wyld Witch!

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Become a Wyld Witch!