About us

Welcome to the Wyld Academy!

Lady Raven founded our school in October 2019.  The goal was simple – create a learning experience that will guide students in exploring their spiritual path their way. Students would have the option to either enroll in individual classes that appealed to them or to follow complete course tracks.

Lady Raven was still teaching in a hybrid format at this time.  Some classes were offered online, and some were offered in-person only. However, once the pandemic hit in early 2020, in-person learning was no longer an option, so classes migrated to the online environment. It was then that Lady Raven realized the true potential of online learning!  The Academy has grown by leaps and bounds from this time, launching new classes, programs, an online community, adding new instructors, and offering monthly live ceremonies.

Our Academy today is a vibrant and flexible school that offers students an option to grow their knowledge their way, invest in their personal growth, and begin walking a path of self-discovery that is truly life-changing! Are you ready to start finding your true path? Join us!